A conversation

“Not many people come here alone after dark.”
“I’m not afraid.”
“Of loneliness? Or of the dark? ”
“Either one of them.”


“All my life, I’ve been surrounded by people left and right, friends, family, exploiters and others I don’t give a damn about and I’ve gotten so used to them, that I’ve never dared to be alone. What’s it like for you? Don’t you fear you’d be like this forever?”
“Someone once said that you’re least alone when you’re with yourself, not only are you surrounded by an air of dreams, hopes, aspirations, regrets and sadness, but here on a beach like this you’re never alone. The sea is tempting me to venture through it, so that it could toy with me for a while, the sand is soothing… comforting enough to offer a sanctuary and finally the wind it caresses and encircles me giving me a sense of importance. Thus here I’m least alone. I come here to find myself again after I’ve lost it with the presence of people. How can you define your existence when everyone else is trying to shape you up to what they think is right. ”


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