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 It might be the biggest pet peeve I have. I don't like lying. No, this is an understatement. I loathe lying. To think about being lied to makes my skin crawl, and I experience what I like to call preemptive anger at this hypothetical scenario. Needless to say, people who lie are ones who I consider to be crawling on the bottom of the fungal residue beneath the barrel. I remember when I was a child seeing a relative instruct her offspring to lie to their father. I was shocked to see someone so blatant about lying that they were not only encouraging others to lie, but in fact giving them tips. How can one be so deceitful? Why would one be so deceitful? I believe the essence of lying is self-gain, be it materialistic, emotional or social. You are gaining something from keeping others in the dark. I really empathize with the person being lied to, because they just don't know any better. They are just going about their life, mistakenly thinking that everything is as usual, but then

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