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Remembering the dead

These days, it seems like we are surrounded by death. I hesitate in saying these days because it seems like it has been our companion for the past ten years. However, I think it has grown in its universality. With the pandemic, it has become harder to avoid it as an issue or even a talking subject. Upon meeting anyone, it has become normal to survey the death count of distant relatives and close friends. If that is not enough, we also have freak accidents and different injustices to increase the mounting death count. It has become a burgeoning trend to post on social media about the death of strangers who succumbed to the world's injustice. Attached to the post is often a picture of the deceased, usually the best picture that can be found. Along with the picture is the description of the injustice that occurred that managed to rob us of one more person, and at the end a small bio of the person. I think the bio is the most interesting part. Words such as successful, young, energetic

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